Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall TV Previews: The Underdog Comedy, 'The Middle'

This Patrica Heaton-led family sitcom -- about a solidly middle class married couple, their two teens and grade school-aged son – was overshadowed last season by the cutting edge comedy Modern Family. But The Middle’s got it goin’ on when it comes to tapping into the humor, the desperation and the insanity of modern day parenting. The Mother's Day episode last season was perfectly spot on.

The season two premiere features parents Frankie and Mike Heck appealing to Brick’s new teacher – played by Doris Roberts, Heaton’s former Everybody Loves Raymond foil – to use kid gloves when dealing with their quirky youngest child.

The sneak preview released by ABC (see video below) features Roberts criticizing Frankie as a helicopter mom, frequently calling her “Mommy,” her voice dripping with sarcasm, and chiding Frankie for asking for special treatment for Brick just three days into the school year.

The Middle’s second season premieres on Sept. 22.

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