Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FNL: The Final Season Promos

Unfortunately, I’m not among the lucky ones who has DirecTV, therefore I won’t be watching when the fifth and final 13-episode season of Friday Night Lights starts airing on DirecTV on Wednesday, October 27. (The final season will air on NBC next year.)

But that doesn’t mean I can’ t drool over the new promos DirecTV has released for a season that a network press release has hinted will be a very challenging one for Eric and Tami Taylor, as a couple, saying specifically that Tami’s attempts to help improve the East Dillon High School system “will force her to make a decision that places a strain on the Taylor’s usually steadfast marriage.”

More of a strain than when Eric moved to Austin to coach at TMU while a pregnant Tami and Julie stayed behind in Dillon? More than last season where Tami lost her job as a result of a witch hunt and Eric had to create a football team from nothing? I'm more than a little curious.

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