Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes from Pop Culture & Politics: Obama's Bad Day, Solid 'Parenthood,' 'The Big C' Gets Emotional

Obama's Bad Day

Does anyone else think that President Obama is having some rather bad luck these days?

Days after the so-called "Dog Whisperer" criticized him for the way he handles his dog Bo, watching the presidential seal fall off of Obama's podium while he was in the middle of a speech seemed to symbolize so many things that are going badly for the president these days, the least of which are the election results that’ll likely not go his way next month. Current presidential approval numbers are a pretty brutal right now, with a recent Rasmussen poll showing that 29 percent of respondents strongly approved of "the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president," while 41 percent strongly disapprove.

Another Solid Parenthood Episode

Image credit: NBC
 Okay, I know I’m at risk of sounding like a fangirl cheerleader here, but last night’s Parenthood was really strong. The Tuesday night drama continues to provide insightful, authentic and relatable stories, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Once and Again.

When you have everyone from educators to parenting “experts” telling parents that they’ve got to be super-involved, always positive and always available to their offspring, it’s no wonder that the parents get upset when they discover that there’s precious little time left to have a life.

See my review of Parenthood’s latest episode, “Date Night” here.

The Big C Gets Emotional

In my episode reviews of The Big C over on CliqueClack TV, a frequent complaint of mine has been that it hasn’t allowed its main character, Laura Linney’s Cathy Jamison, to exhibit much authentic emotion since receiving her cancer diagnosis. Not only has she not told her husband and child about it, but she’s avoided dealing with the messy, ugliness that is raw pain and potential loss of her situation. The show has spent most of its time having its main character go around and check off items on her bucket list, avoiding the intensity of the fear that cancer instills in everyone.

Until the last episode which included a turn of events which greatly pleased me.

Image credit: NBC.

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