Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Big Love' Prepping for Its Fifth, Final Season

Big Love’s last season had only nine episodes. That wasn’t nearly enough time to cover the volume of stories the writers/producers wanted to tackle in that season, at least not with any depth anyway. There were several tantalizing stories that just got lost in the shuffle, that went only a half-inch deep and were then trampled by the runaway freight train of a fast-moving plot.

Hopefully by the time the fifth and final season of the usually thought provoking HBO drama kicks off on January 16, those problems of trying to cram too many things into too few episodes, and not affording the characters room to breathe or react will have been addressed. *fingers crossed*

When we last left the Henricksons at the end of the fourth season, they, as a family had been outed by Bill as polygamists during his acceptance speech after he won his state senate election. The wives were not at all pleased with his decision to go public but dutifully went along with it, joining hands with him in front of horrified Henrickson campaign supporters and the gathered media.
HBO has released three new season five videos including the ethereal promo below where Barb questions whether everything Bill’s done – from outing them as polygamists, to being a polygamist – is, selfishly, just for him.

This music video-ish promo found Bill in the wintry, snowy hinterlands – a Siberia of sorts? -- facing the initially disappointed looks of his three wives who were standing shoulder-to-shoulder opposite him . . . until they broke out in smiles and had a snowball fight, wives versus Bill. Then the wives *poof* disappeared and Bill was left alone in the cold.

Another 30-plus second trailer, with glimpses of new scenes, showed Bill being chastised by the Republican majority leader of the Utah State Senate (played by Gregory Itzin who was fantastic in 24 as a corrupt president) , Margene professing that she’s sinking, Nicki asserting that “it’s all connected” and Barb saying, “We’re all unholy.” And was that Alby’s face we saw at the beginning?

Predictions/hopes for this season?

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