Monday, December 6, 2010

How Can You Not Love 'Modern Family's' Manny?

The kids of Modern Family also made Entertainment Weekly's list of the top entertainers of the year -- at number five -- but, without question, it's Rico Rodriguez who plays Manny Delgado who absolutely steals this show.

I adore the "born-old" Manny with his wingtip, Capone-esque shoes, his espressos and his soulful-looking eyes as he broods over things like a middle aged man. He's more mature than BOTH of the adults who live in his house. The recent "Manny Get Your Gun" episode was the funniest installment of Modern Family that I've seen to date and Rico Rodriguez was a big part of that.

Image credit: Entertainment Weekly.

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Anonymous said...

he's amazing!!!!! 10/10 !!!! if only certain Abbott's would understand! SMH