Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspired Illustrations Whet My Appetite for a New 'Mad Men' Season

Image credit: Dyna Moe.
Whimsical illustrator Dyna Moe – who has published a book featuring her artistic interpretations of three seasons of Mad Men – has come out with a new handful of illustrations from the fourth season. However, because she said, “I’d rather not have any more discussions with the fine upstanding people at Lionsgate” (the company which makes the show), she has disabled downloads of her new pictures, except for the one above.

However you can still visit her Flickr page to gaze at the images of Joan leading the conga line at the Christmas party, solely for the benefit of Lucky Strike (before Lee Garner Jr. pulled the account from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce), Sally talking to the odd Glen, Miss Blankenship clutching Don's bottles of booze before she dropped dead at her desk and Don painting Anna’s living room wall in his underwear.

Image credit: Dyna Moe/Amazon.
Looking at these images reminded me that I never did pick up Dyna Moe’s book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World featuring drawings of scenes from the AMC show as Moe imagined them. I think I need to add that book to my wish list.

Damn, do I miss Mad Men. Won’t get a new fix until 2012! Watching the highlight video from the last new episode from 2010 makes me remember what a fabulous season it was.

Image credits: Dyna Moe/FlickrAmazon.

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Anonymous said...

I like Mad Men TV Show very much. Its season 5 confirmed but also delayed till next Year.