Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture: Jon Hamm Cameo Rocked 'SNL,' Krasinski/Baldwin Battle Over Baseball & Shriver=Good Wife?

Jon Hamm Cameo Rocked SNL

The first half of the Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse segment, “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” was ridiculously puerile and, frankly, obnoxious. It was as if a group of bodily functions-obsessed middle schoolers had eaten too much sugar and wrote a highly inappropriate, sexually suggestive script. I nearly turned it off, as I couldn’t tolerate its stupid double entendres any longer. But then the cartoon characters were transformed into real live action characters and one of the “Ambiguously Gay” superheroes was Jon Hamm. The other was Jimmy Fallon. Being a shameless Jon Hamm fan, of course I had to watch the rest of it.

I like Hamm and Fallon and, although I found the whole segment annoying when it was in cartoon form, when it was in live action, I was amused.

Krasinski & Baldwin Battle Over Baseball

Die-hard Red Sox fan John Krasinski from The Office and passionate Yankees fan Alec Baldwin spoofed sports’ greatest rivalry in another edition of their New Era Cap ads.

Given that the Boston Red Sox – who are now playing .500 ball (*hallelujah*) – swept the Yankees this past week (*clicking heels*), I’m able to watch this ad and still smile.

Shriver = The Good Wife?

Tonight’s much-anticipated The Good Wife season finale comes out just as news has broken that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child 10 years ago with a woman who worked in the Schwarzenegger/Shriver household for decades. His wife Maria Shriver learned about the love child this year and has since left her husband, after she’d made a passionate case for folks to support Schwarzenegger’s campaign despite allegations that he sexually harassed dozens of women.

Over on CliqueClack TV I compared Shriver’s behavior to the fictional Alicia Florrick’s. Now I’m just waiting to learn that Peter Florrick also has a love child.

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