Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Rep. Weiner: Don't Reenact Opening Scene from 'The Good Wife'

Now that news has broken that lewdly sexting wildman, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is set this afternoon to announce that he’s resigning his seat (as he should’ve done well before this), I have one request: Please don’t have your pregnant wife, who’s been married to you for less than a year, stand beside you and endure more humiliation because of the stupid things that you’ve done.

It’s extraordinarily painful to watch these women -- Silda Spitzer, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards immediately come to mind -- stand beside their skunk husbands who couldn’t keep it in their pants and not only shamed themselves, but their spouses and children. (The fallout from your politician husband and/or father's indiscretions is the entire premise of the fabulous drama The Good Wife.) These guys don’t deserve to have the innocence and agony etched in the faces and eyes of their wives take the edge off of their disingenuous apologies for their scandalous behavior.

If it’s the only noble thing you do this week, don’t use your wife as a sympathetic prop.

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