Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Made-for-TV Moment: Four Minutes of Phony Contrition, a Heckler & Flashing Cameras

So Congressman Weiner resigned. Solo. No spouse in sight which was good because there were so many camera flashes going off that it looked like Weiner was standing in the middle of a lightning storm. “Yay! Bye-bye pervert,” an ebullient heckler shouted after Weiner announced he was resigning his post.

I didn’t buy that Weiner genuinely believed what he was saying, all that business about wanting to “heal,” that he was sorry for what he’d done (he was sorry he’d been caught is more like it) and that he was proud of the “values” his parents had instilled in him. (His poor parents! I’m sure they don’t want to be anywhere near their son and linked to his so-called “values.”)

When Weiner said he was there to “again apologize,” he sounded like a chastened schoolboy who’d been forced to apologize for behaving in way that the grown-ups did not approve of because he originally had no intention of resigning. That was before many members of the Democratic party, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the chairwoman of the party and even the president said that they thought he should go. (In the president’s case he said if he were Weiner he’d resign.)

At least Huma wasn’t in the picture. At least there’s that.

Now we can focus on "fun" political stories . . . like the astronomical federal debt dovetailed by the ominous news out of Greece, members of Congress suing the president over U.S. actions in Libya and the steady, dismal U.S. unemployment rates.

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Anonymous said...

The heckler was from the Howard Stern Show - he was also at the first press conference.