Monday, June 6, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture/Politics: 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer, 'The Killing' & Weiner-Gate

I Got Your Breaking Dawn Trailer Right Here

My resident Twilight fan – my 12-year-old daughter – was thrilled to watch this brand, spankin’ new promo for the first part of Breaking Dawn. Wonder how graphic the brutal pregnancy and birth will be . . . Wonder if she can handle watching this movie . . .

The Killing Confounds

Did ya catch the recent episode of The Killing? The one that spent the entire time focused on Sarah Linden looking for her temporarily missing 13-year-old/wanna-be delinquent son while being carted around Seattle by her partner Stephen Holder? Strange and out of the norm for this series, eh?

Well let me tell you, I wasn’t a big fan of this installment. I wanted more in the way of clues to the murder’s identity, seeing as though there are now only two more episodes left, not an episode on a tangent. I reviewed it for CliqueClack TV.


I hardly know what to say about this pathetic, ridiculous story about the married, fortysomething New York Congressman who was stupid enough to take and send lewd photos of himself to various women, then lied about it only to have to face the press and issue a mea culpa in front of a bank of news cameras just like the many horny male politicians who were caught with their pants down before him, like (just to name a few) Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford and John Edwards. Have none of these men learned anything?

It’s just preposterous that, in this age of 24/7 media, U.S. Rep. Weiner would even think that these images would never go public.

Among the interesting post-mortems, this one from Jezebel saying things like this from male pols are “rooted in male narcissism.” I think that goes without saying.

Can't wait to see what the late night comedians do with this . . .

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