Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner-Gate: Color Me Disgusted

This whole Weiner-Gate thing is gross, immature and disgusting. A 46-year-old CONGRESSMAN who is considered a firebrand liberal member of his party – therefore he garners lots of media attention for his partisan antics – should know better then to take and send lewd photos of himself to people he’s never met on the internet. (New X-rated photos are now making the rounds.) New York U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner certainly shouldn’t be engaging in that kind of thing now that he’s a married man. He only got married last July for God’s sake, it’s not like there’s been time for the romance to fade from the marriage.

But now we learn, courtesy of the New York Times, that his 35-year-old wife is pregnant. If this was a TV drama, we'd be calling BS right about now.

While Weiner claims he never “physically” cheated on his wife, he has cheated on her emotionally and has thoroughly humiliated her while she is carrying his child. To me, the fact that his wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, is pregnant makes this whole stew of ugly even uglier. Seriously. You’d think that a man who goes on television for a living as a politician who's pushing an agenda, who’s still a newlywed, who is expecting his first child with his new bride would know better than this.

What a cad, a cad who won’t resign his office like other well known politician cads (*cough* Bill Clinton, John Edwards *cough*) who had no shame and who humiliated their spouses and families.

Speaking of a cad who actually DID resign . . . former New York Governor Eliot “Client Number 9” Spitzer had the temerity to express sympathy for what Weiner’s going through, saying it’s a “torment like virtually no other.” Dude, try being married to the source of that torment, the one who brought the torment raining down upon the house. For the perp who created the situation, who created the reason for said "torment," no sympathy. Zip.

Which brings me to this pet peeve of mine as a journalist: Eliot Spitzer has no business anchoring a news program on CNN. But since CNN apparently has no problem with putting this guy on the air, perhaps Weiner could resign his office and join Spitzer as a co-host . . .

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Belle said...

I agree with everything here. Why these men risk everything for a sexual thrill is beyond my understanding.