Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Color Me Uncomfortable with Your 'Are You Single' Questions Mr. Blitzer

Jon Huntsman’s three daughters -- who’ve made names for themselves due to their irreverent Tweets and snarky pro-Huntsman YouTube videos -- appeared on CNN to promote their father's GOP presidential campaign when Wolf Blitzer started asking them if they’re single as he read a handful of love-sick Tweets that had been directed toward the women.

As the headline, “They’re Hot Online: Huntsman girls tweeted marriage proposals“ appeared under the image of trio, Blitzer awkwardly said: “Obviously you’ve got a lot of fans out there. And all of ‘em want to know your status. So let’s start off Mary Anne and we’ll go down. Tell us your status right now. Are you available to a lot of young men who are looking out there and would like to get to know you a little better?” (One of the daughters by the way, Abby, has been married for a year.)

As Mediaite’s Jon Bershad observed: “We can’t fault Wolf Blitzer for asking [if they’re single]. Besides he was just asking them what his Twitter followers wanted to know. However, there was something in the way Blitzer asked the question which caused the ladies to recoil like their creepy uncle just said they were 'developing well.'”

I'd be curious as to whether, if Mitt Romney's grown sons were being interviewed, they'd be asked if they're single too.

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