Wednesday, January 18, 2012

‘Secrets are Back’ on March 25 for a Two-Hour ‘Mad Men’ Extravaganza

Nine o’clock.
For two hours.
Don Draper will return . . . and, apparently, fall into an empty abyss in the new season.
What does AMC’s stark, black and white promo image mean for the fifth season of Mad Men?
That Don Draper is starting with a clean slate, starting fresh with his child-bride? Will he learn from his mistake with Betty and reveal his "Dick Whitman" secret to his fiance?
Or is this image more sinister in its intent,that Don's falling away into nothingness?
Given that AMC/Lionsgate has tormented Mad Men fans with this extended delay – an entire 2011 with no fresh episodes – couldn’t they have offered us a promo poster with at least something more tangible that we could ponder . . . something other than vast white space?
The only other hint they've offered is via the web address for the countdown clock until the new season begins, entitled "Secrets are Back." They are such teases. 
For those who need a Mad Men refresher and who haven’t yet gone to Netflix to watch streaming episodes of season four – including Don’s shocking marriage proposal to Megan and Joan’s stunning change of heart – AMC will be putting the fourth season episodes available On Demand starting next week and re-airing the fourth season on AMC at the ridiculous time of 6 a.m. (Seriously AMC? Six o’clock in the morning for the drama that put you on the map?)
What do you make of this season five image? What do you think we read anything into it?
Image credit: AMC.

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