Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mad Men Characters as Comic Book Stars, in Ad Campaigns, Plus Other Mad Men News

The peerless Mad Men-obsessed illustrator Dyna Moe has created quirky new Mad Men images for those of us who simply can't get enough of the period AMC drama.

In addition to her book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World where she interpreted key scenes from the show in colorful illustrations, she keeps a Flickr stream where she uploades images inspired by the 1960s show.

Her latest pics have placed Mad Men characters into ad campaigns which complement their storylines, or as comic book heroes/villains or even on album covers.


Be sure to check out Sally as Nancy Drew, gal detective.

In other Mad Men news:

Jessica Pare, otherwise known as Megan Draper on Mad Men, is on the cover of New York Magazine's television-centric issue this week, talking all about her infamous "Zou Bisou Bisou" scene in the season premiere, becoming Don Draper's wife and the intriguing bit of trivia that she initially auditioned to be the prostitute who slapped Don in the face last season before landing the part of Megan.

Meanwhile, my retinas remain scarred from seeing Alexis Bledel -- forever Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls to me -- in smarmy Pete Campbell's fantasy in the "Dark Shadows" episode, wearing a fur coat and underwear while trying to seduce Pete at the office.

In an interview on the Mad Men web site, Bledel said that her character Beth Dawes, a depressed housewife who sought out a fling with Pete, is intriguing. "I instantly wanted to know more about her because she's quite mysterious and she's conflicted," Bledel said. ". . . I felt for her right away. She is stuck in a bad marriage that is really taking a toll on her psyche I think, so I just wanted to explore what that meant for her."

I just keep picturing Bledel in season one of Gilmore Girls in the "That Damn Donna Reed" episode where Rory dressed up like a 1950s housewife, complete with faux pearls, serving up steak and instant potatoes to impress her boyfriend Dean. I know, I know, Bledel is in her 30s now. She's no longer a teen. And that episode aired way back in February 2001, but even now, you've got to admit, she still looks very young, way too innocent for the likes of Pete Campbell.

Image credits: Dyna Moe/Nobody's Sweetheart, New York Magazine and TV Fanatic.

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