Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where the Heck Have I Been?

Mad Men has started its strange new late-60s season while The Good Wife concluded its fourth with great Florrick flourish.

The Red Sox season thus far, hasn't, surprisingly, been cringe-worthy.

The Boston Marathon was bombed and a violent manhunt was waged through the streets of the Boston metro area.

Two of my favorite humorists -- David Sedaris (saw him speak recently in Boston) and Dave Barry -- have come out with new books.

Alas, I haven't been able to break open the pages of the new books, muse about Mad Men as I'm wont to do or catch the bulk of the Sox games, never mind blog in this space. Why not?

Three reasons:

1. I've been prepping for the release of my novel, Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing, this month, May 12 to be exact. (Here's the book web site. This is the Amazon listing. The local paper also ran a good piece about the book here. *Fingers crossed to thwart any bad reviews.*)

2. I've been teaching writing and journalism full-time, as well as advising the university's student newspaper. (Here's the web site for the online/social media course I'm teaching.)

3. I've been actively researching my next book, a work of non-fiction where I chronicle the year in the life of a middle school jazz band.

BUT ... the university's classes are almost over for the semester and the grades will be filed soon, so I plan to resume my pop culture, politics and media musings ASAP. I've got a fierce Mad Men post I've been mulling over after another head-scratching installment Sunday night.

More to come! Promise!

In the meantime, I appeared on the Manic Mommies podcast where I not only discussed my novel and the wild media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, but what's hot in TV right now.

Image credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

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