Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three for Thursday

Item #1: NM Law to Help Breastfeeding Mom

New Mexico now has a law mandating that employers provide “a private and clean space other than a bathroom for their breastfeeding employees” to use when expressing their breastmilk at work, according to the Alamogordo Daily News.

The law doesn’t make employers pay women for any extra time they might take while pumping their breastmilk which exceeds their allotted break time.

But at least breastfeeding moms are getting some public support for a change, as opposed to ridicule and scorn.

Item #2: The Fertility Diaries

The April issue of Redbook features the first installment of a series the magazine is calling, “The Fertility Diaries.” It follows three friends from the Cleveland area: One woman who was anxious about her pregnancy after her previous one resulted in the birth of a newborn son who died from SIDS, one who was undergoing infertility treatments after having a miscarriage, and their friend who got pregnant the first month she tried to conceive.

As someone with experience in the second scenario and saw friends conceive with apparent ease, I can relate to this delicate series on how to balance friendship, heartache and anxiety when pals are coping with different experiences on their journey to become parents.

Item #3: Hoping Not to Have a Flop Sweat Incident on Live TV

In order to plug The Book — “A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum” – I’m scheduled to appear on New England Cable News on Monday morning at 8:45, unless a major news event bumps me. Pray that I keep my cool and don’t start speaking in tongues on live TV.

Oh, and I’ve got a new column in the April issue of Parents and Kids about whether or not The Spouse and I are done with that baby business, as well as a piece on Mommy Track’d about how the news media has been portraying working moms (fairly, or ghastly).

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