Monday, August 4, 2008

Stalking 'thirtysomething'

A stalker.

That's what my editor at Mommy Track'd called me . . . a thirtysomething stalker, to be more exact. But given that she too is a fan of the late-1980s drama about yuppies living in the Philly 'burbs, I didn't take it personally.

While messing around on YouTube recently, I discovered that a benevolent soul (or more than one benevolent soul) has uploaded dozens of thirtysomething episodes onto the web site, broken up into small chunks. And it was through this web site that -- after waiting for nearly the entire decade of my 30s to watch this show through a mother's eyes (the show was never released on VHS or DVD and hasn't been on the air in a very long time) -- I was finally able to watch the first season and write a column about how its portrayal of suburban parenthood has held up over the past 20 years. (My verdict: Very well, except for the shoulder-padded, extra large 1980s blazers worn by the women.)

So while the folks who created/distributed the much-heralded show refuse to release it on DVD, the only option for fans like me is YouTube. Thank goodness for YouTube.

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