Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grey's Promo: Just Teasing About McBaby?

So Grey's Anatomy is coming back on September 25 for a two-hour season premiere. And the promo released by ABC is promising to give Grey's new catch-phrase ("Live for the moment.") a run for its money. According to Entertainment Weekly, despite what Rose tells McDreamy in the season five promo, show creator Shonda Rhimes has said that she will not torpedo the main love story -- Meredith and Derek -- with having Rose be pregnant with Derek's kid . . . Unless she was doing a little, um, misdirection. It is the presidential election season. It wouldn't be unheard of.

What I'd like to see happen this season:

I want Dr. Miranda Bailey to find some peace and happiness with her estranged husband, her child and her work. Sure, it wouldn't make for really dramatic television if everything went smoothly for Dr. Bailey, but come on. Over the past few seasons, she's had her husband in a near-fatal accident, given birth while she thought her husband was dying, was ostracized by fellow professionals for being "Dr. Mommy," almost lost her toddler son in another tragic accident and watched as her husband left her. Geeze Louise. Let's let Bailey laugh for a while. She's funny and ball-busting. Let her enjoy that.

And I want Izzie to stop making decisions that don't seem to jive with the character that's been developed over the past few seasons. No more dying love interests. No more inappropriate boyfriends. (Gizzie was one of the most God awful developments ever. Never thought anything would top the hideousness of the Meredith-George one night stand.) Katherine Heigl was right -- and not pompous -- when she said that her character hadn't been given meaty material this past season.

What do you want to see in this season's Grey's Anatomy? Do you think the promo is a red herring and that Shonda Rhimes was being truthful when she said Rose wouldn't be pregnant with McBaby?


mewc said...

I am embarrassed to admit how much I am looking forward to a new season of Grey's. I am with you, Bailey needs some happiness in her life and I hope they do something good for Izzie, too. As for Meredith and Derek...once that story rests with a happy ending, won't the whole show just kind of be over?

Midlife Mama said...

I think there is always conflict with them even with a "happy ending"... but I really don't want to see ANOTHER break-up/reunite AGAIN. Enough already! If Rose is actually pregnant (which I predicted last season) that would add a tremendous would McDreamy (perish the thought!)nearly dying...Meredith has almost died a couple of times. It's his turn. I just hope that he doesn't actually die because Dempsey is a little too enamored with racing and may want to pursue that full time and he has complained about not getting enough "meat" in his storyline... I know- UNTHINKABLE! maybe Meredith will have to save him with the very technique they developed together. Perhaps an accident will leave him incapable of doing his job and Meredith will have to show how much she loves him by supporting him through see, so many scenarios to cause them pain...I'm really hoping that the baby is a red herring but that there is a little McSteamy in the oven. I need to see more of Eric Dane (sigh) ....Holding my breath until the 25th!