Friday, February 13, 2009

For Sarcastic '24' Fans: Dave Barry's '24' Live-Blogging

Want to watch Jack Bauer & Co. each week with fans who view 24 through a sarcastic lens? You might want to visit columnist Dave Barry's blog, where each week, Barry and his own merry band of followers live-blog each episode by making pithy, smart alecky remarks.

After a snarky recap, ("During the shootout Renee the highly competent FBI agent rescued the Matobos, who are going to meet with President Woman President for a scene that will no doubt feature riveting White House dialogue. Meanwhile Dubaku went to his apartment, where his girlfriend, who apparently does not watch the show and thus is not aware that he is evil, dropped by to say she was going to make his lasagna."), Barry blogs via a series of updates.

What does he say? "Stepping over the line? Jack was BORN over the line." A minute later, Barry quoted an FBI agent, "'Rules are what make us better.' Who writes this stuff?" When Bauer and the other rogue agents were in the Oval Office with the president, Barry wrote, "Right. They would of course leave suspected enemy agents alone with the President!"

The folks who post comments add their thoughts, no holes barred. One wrote, "Trust me . . . help me . . . seems like I've heard that before. Oh, yeah! My last bad date." Another, mocked the FBI guy, "Why do I feel Pepe Le Pew would be more effective than Agent Larry will be?" Commenting on agent Renee Walker, nicknamed "Freckles," using rough interrogation methods like Jack, another wrote, "This is like Luke and Leia. That girl is Jack's secret twin sister."

It's a fun way to watch 24, particularly in moments when it strains credulity.

Image credit: Dave Barry's blog.

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