Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mourning Canceled Family Dramas . . . And Dreaming of Their Return

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my pining for the release of DVD copies of the third season of “Once and Again” and the entire run of “thirtysomething.” I’ve spent a good chunk of time badgering not only the blogosphere, but the people at the companies which own the rights to these programs to release DVDs of what I consider to be among the most poignant TV portraits of family life.

So imagine how thrilled I was when, as a member of the TV Squad blogging staff (I write about “24” and other TV tidbits for the site), I was invited to write about a canceled TV show that I missed and to create a storyline with which to bring it back. I leapt at the chance and wrote for AOL how I envisioned both “Once and Again” and “thirtysomething” making triumphant returns.

What’s that they say about if wishes were horses . . .?

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