Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do You Fear UNDER-spending on Your Kids?

Do you fear under-spending on your kids? Pamela Paul, author of Parenting, Inc. thinks you are.

In fact, she says the guilt associated with worrying that if you don't shell out hundreds of dollars for Hummer-like strollers, thousands for classes for babies and infants on sign language and how to speak Mandarin Chinese, and don't get the very best of everything (no matter your economic situation) that your kid won't have the same edge as her peers is propelling parents to be fearful of under-spending. And therefore to spend wildly.

I interviewed the author about her new book, discussing everything from today's parents' safety mania and dismissal of previous generations' parental advice, to the impact of celeb parent spending on children's fashion to the average parent and whether hiring consultants to help you raise your kids will make your kids question your competence.

The Q&A is posted on the Picket Fence Post blog. The book, by the way, is an eye-opener.

Image credit: Pamela Paul, Times Books.

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Elizabeth said...

Excellent interview, and thanks for highlighting this book. I think there is also an element of child-as-accessory philosophy that is going on with parents who push $800 strollers and buy cashmere burp cloths. As the author pointed out, "parenting" has very different connotations than, oh, I dunno, "taking care of your kids."

The latter is so *common.* Anyone can do it. What we new breed of parents do is artisanal, and requires expensive accessories.